I have the Best Mommy in the World!!

My mom raised me as a Catholic. That is not the path I choose to follow and she is fine with it.  BUT, she does not like Zombies at all!! Won’t watch a program with anything to do with Zombies. My mom and I have a favorite TV show that we watch together called “Psych” one of the episodes had the word Zombie in it and she would not watch  it. So the point to all this……. Look at what my mommy sewed for me: It’s called a “Zombie Undertaker”



Isn’t he just moribly wonderful!!! She made this for me to day with out me even knowing. And she surprised me with it when finished. This is made out of felt, beads, and sequence.  The pink sequence is his brains, the dangling beaded white beads is his maggots. Did you notice he adorable hat? I can not believe she would make me something creepy this means so much to me! My mom came across this craft book called “Zombie Felties How to raise 16 gruesome felt creatures from the undead” Now how cool is that!?! Here is a pix of the book:

click on photo to enlargeThere is even a pattern in here on how to make a Felties Coffin!! My mom did tell me she planed on making me a coffin, but ran out of time before she had to leave for work today and was too excited and had to show me this kick ass’ Zombie Undertaker’ and could wait. So my fellow gouls, I’ll be getting a kick ass coffin! Plus scan you see the green zombie on the front cover, his gusts are spilling out, how cool is that!!!

There are a lot of really cute ones in this book!

Thank you for reading and looking at my post! Be well all!





About KristyLee

Hi, my name is KristyLee, I live in sunny Florida. (Yes I do have alligators in my back yard.) I have a severe passion for all things crafty! I love to create and teach card/ craft making. I am a Founding Journey Coach #55 with a paper crafting company called "Fun Stampers Journey." I am also a distributor for "Young Living," I love using and informing others to the benefits of Essential Oils. I have just taken on a new path in my Life Journey. I have signed up to be an Independent Rep for "Agnes & Dora." I think adding fashion to my list of activities is right for me. I have always been interested in Fashion. I believe that fashion and trends coincide with my passion for crafting. I love to make other people feel good, and feel good about themselves. I served in the US Navy, and now a veteran. I have a degree in Medical coding and billing. My personality can be summed up as: funny, quirky, opinionated, creative, loving, stubborn, and loyal. My FSJ website is www.FunStampersJourney.com/KBJ Check me out on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/kristyleesgems/ Thank you for your visit into my world, and looking at art and fashion through my eyes. May God Bless you and yours! Stay Healthy and Crafty my Friends! And always Enjoy the Journey!
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14 Responses to I have the Best Mommy in the World!!

  1. Your Mom is awesome!! She fully accepts you and your darker side. That’s wonderful.
    If she decides to make more Zombies than you can handle, I’d love to take one off your hands.
    They are adorable!!!!

  2. scrapunzel1 says:

    You have an awesome Mom. Those little creatures are really cute. Can’t wait to see the coffin. 🙂

  3. IKE says:

    OMGoodness Kristy – he is just ADORABLE … what a totally COZZZMIC Mum you’ve got. 😀 If she really gets into making them, I could give one a home 🙂 🙂 xxxxx

  4. Croms says:

    Kristy, you are one lucky lady and yes your mum is awesome. This is adorable. If the house starts getting overrun, I have a very nice space one could call home. xxx

  5. Tori says:

    I LOVE THAT! I think I have seen that book before and would love it if I had time to make some. You’re mom is so cool to do that for you especially with her dislike of the undead! Thanks for sharing….what an awesome mom! 🙂

  6. Kapree says:

    that is so cool! wish my mom would make me something like this…she doesn’t understand my zombie fascination either 🙂 your mom totally gets the worlds greatest award!

  7. blackdragon says:

    Wow…he’s adorable and what a wonderful kind,sweet considerate Mum you have…. she could start making these for all your friends at S/S forum 🙂
    I look forward to seeing the coffin when its done…. he’ll have his own little bed for the night then. much love BD x

  8. Your Mom Is The BEST! I think this is awesome that she is able to see the good that creating dark does you! (I hope that made sense!) LOL! Hugs to your MOM and Can’t wait to see more goodies!

  9. Susan G says:

    That is waaaay cool! I wonder, how many prayers she said while making it! J/K LOL!! I bet she is very proud of her AWESOME creation!
    (this is how my son was to his friends when he showed them the coffin I made to keep his special “paraphernalia” in)
    I would also be squealing with delight if my mom made something for me special, that she doesn’t necessarily believe in or whatever. To me that shows such great love for you! HOW VERY AWESOMELY SPECIAL this is for you Kristy! I hope it has gone BEYOND lifting your spirits.
    Much love and light,

    ps…tell your mom SHE ROCKS!!

  10. Laura says:

    Love it! That is so cool! And I am a huge fan of Psych! Those guys crack me up.:)

  11. Alex says:

    Kristy- he is FABULOUS! I am LOVING the fingers!!! What a GREAT Mom you have. She loves you and even if she doesn’t love what you do, knows you do and wanted to make you happy. AWESOMENESS!
    BTW- Psych- great show. Always makes me laugh someplace in it 🙂

  12. Your Mum is lovely…… she completely accepts you for who you are……..FAB 🙂 Your zombie undertaker is so cool….. I love him and if you run out of room for all his little friends, I’m sure I can find room for one or two of them over here 🙂

  13. Alison says:

    What a great zombie! And how very sweet of your Momma to make it for you! That looks like a great book! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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