It’s that time again! Time for the Smeared and Smudged member’s blog hop.

The theme is CONFESSIONS SMEARED IN INK! With this month’s Mother’s Day celebration we thought it would be fun to have a few confessions from our members….Use your art to show us something you have never told your Mom about yourself…or about something you have done. Step outside your comfort zones – the smudgier the better!!!


Black Dragon
Susan S.
Kristy <<<ME
Lady Brayton<<< NEXT

Okay all here is my confession:

Since I was about 13, I have wanted to be a witch, a real witch. I wanted to be able to fly and cast spells. I even tried to do spells when I was younger. It didn’t work because I understand now, I was doing it all wrong. I use to watch the “Bewitched” TV show and wanted to wiggle my nose and have my room all clean without lifting a finger he he.

My mom told me that there is not such thing as a good witch that all witches are bad. I didn’t believe her then, and now I know the difference. For example the Pentagram if the point is facing up = Good. If the point is down= Bad/ Dark craft

Here is a closer view of my art piece for today. I painted with acrylic craft paint on an 8×10 piece of canvas first, then added my elements. The “Witch” is from Ike’s Art (Follow the link to get yours She is having a SALE)  The “Alter Candles” are from Smeared Ink. (Follow the link to get yours) The other items I retrieved from the web.

I colored my digi stamps with Prismacolor pencils and baby oil (as a blender.) The reason for the different colors of candles is:

White candle= Clarity, Purification, Protection (7th Chakra)

Green candle= Healing, Prosperity, New Beginning, Growth (4th Chakra)

Blue candle= Meditation, Tranquility, Peace (5th Chakra)

Lavender candle= Intuition, Dreams (7th Chakra)

Close up view of Ike’s Art “Witch” digi (Symbolizing me.)

My mom does not know how many stones and crystals I have either. And she does not know that I have Witchy books.

This one here “The Way of the Green Witch” is a pretty good book IMO. The way of the witch is Harm None!

The Chakra Bible is a really good book IMO. I have have just rented from the Library two other “Esprit” type books. That I am going through now. One of them I am finding very intriguing.

So that is my confession when other girls wanted to be Ballerinas and ware tutus, I wanted to fly on a broom. I even tried to fly on our house broom when I was younger. With that said I have a confession to make about my confession, when I was a child my mom did put me in Tap, Dance, Ballet, and Gymnastics. I was very flexible and I did do great in class my favorite was Gymnastics, and the balance beam. My teacher would use me as a “show and tell” doll, meaning she would be like “Okay Kristy do a back-bend, now class this is how it looks.” (I am using back-bend as an analogy) It didn’t matter what it was she was always calling on me to show the class what she was talking about.

Well I hope you like my confessions for today, and that it wasn’t too long and boring for you! Thank you for stopping by and Thank you for your comments. If you have questions for me I do not mind a bit, ask away. If you want to email me your questions on the side that is fine too. There is nothing you can ask me that I would get offended over.

It is time for you to visit Lady Brayton!

There is a blog roll at the top of this post and also on my sidebar if you get lost on your path!

I would also like to enter my painted/altered canvas piece into the following challenges:

Just Keep on Creating challenge blog: Challenge #2 “Anything Goes”

Challenge #80 Anything Goes at Truly Scrumptious
Challenge #39 Anything Goes at Whimsy Stamps
Anything Goes at My Heart Pieces

Simon Says Stamp and Show: Challenge “Anything Goes”

Make it Monday: Challenge #89

Peace & Light,



About KristyLee

Hi, my name is KristyLee, I live in sunny Florida. (Yes I do have alligators in my back yard.) I have a severe passion for all things crafty! I love to create and teach card/ craft making. I am a Founding Journey Coach #55 with a paper crafting company called "Fun Stampers Journey." I am also a distributor for "Young Living," I love using and informing others to the benefits of Essential Oils. I have just taken on a new path in my Life Journey. I have signed up to be an Independent Rep for "Agnes & Dora." I think adding fashion to my list of activities is right for me. I have always been interested in Fashion. I believe that fashion and trends coincide with my passion for crafting. I love to make other people feel good, and feel good about themselves. I served in the US Navy, and now a veteran. I have a degree in Medical coding and billing. My personality can be summed up as: funny, quirky, opinionated, creative, loving, stubborn, and loyal. My FSJ website is Check me out on Facebook here Thank you for your visit into my world, and looking at art and fashion through my eyes. May God Bless you and yours! Stay Healthy and Crafty my Friends! And always Enjoy the Journey!
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  1. scrapunzel1 says:

    You know that I love you no matter what. I love your art & I think you are a fantastic artist!!! Now I can’t wait to hear about the “talk”. LOL

  2. Fabulous witchy creation Kristy. Fly your witch flag high and proud! I can’t imagine being told that good witches don’t exsist. But then again, my grandparents were magicians, so magic was always a part of our lives. My Mother dabbled in Wicca a bit too. And I turned out perfectly fine! LOL!

  3. Kristy says:

    See you turned out fine, and I grew up in 1st in a Baptist church, then mom converted us to Catholic.My brother and were always in one church or another. And I have turned out a bit F’d up LOL! My mom always told me that Wiccans/ Pagens/ Witches were a cult.

  4. Jane says:

    A great witch piece love that you tried to fly on the broome when you were young lol xxx

  5. kemperneck says:

    That is an awesome art piece. One of my favorites cause you are talking about you..
    I’m like you I always watched Bewitched and wanted her power’s too. I also like that Jeannie show. Your books look very interesting. I get into the stone’s and stuff. I have 1 amethyst stone. That’s all I have. Maybe someday I will get a few more. Not much stuff like that is offered here in this small town. I’ll have to get with you for places online good for things like that.
    It’s hard for alot of our older ancestor’s to understand stuff like that. Maybe they just lived alittle closer to the Salem witch times than we did. Glad they dont still believe like that today. Be a bunch of us stoned huh?
    I think White Magic stuff is very interesting to read about.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Shell says:

    What a fab piece of art! I have always been interested in crystals have a growing collection of them myself 🙂

  7. monique says:

    Would be cool to fly on a broom LOL, I really love you canvas it turned out very beautiful, love the images you used

  8. Dianne says:

    Love how your canvas turned out Kristy, it looks wonderful with your stones and crystals. It’s a shame the Satanists hijacked the pentagram. Thank you for sharing about your wanting to fly and your Mom. I’m guessing she doesn’t read your blog? BB

  9. blackdragon says:

    My dearest Kristy…beautiful canvas depicting your confession….. i’d love to have seen you try to ride a broom…. i have a car sticker saying…”my other vehicles a broom”.
    You have a lovely collection of crystals…..and books i’d like to read.
    keep safe much love always xxx

  10. I am in love with this, beautiful creation as always. I love your stones and crystals, I have many myself.

  11. IKE says:

    Super cool Kristy – I think you would make one damn sexy witch 😀 I love your canvas… the colours on the background are super. Great use of elements and a huge THANK YOU for choosing one of my images to use. I think you knowledge of crystals and good witchy stuff is awesome. Cozzzzzmic 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Priyanka says:

    You want to be a witch, God I hear this first time, this is really true all are bad witch, you will be a good witch. And what a idea for the mothers day- Confession, wow I love it. Your creation is also unique, candle, star wow I love fantasy amd I love this one too.
    Thanks for joining with us at My Heart Pieces.

  13. very interesting piece and read. 🙂 Your witch piece certainly captures your beliefs and is beautifully done. Thanks for sharing your story and your art with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. ❤ Candy

  14. i dont do straight says:

    Gorgeous canvas Kristy…… love the colours and you painting on the background…..FAB!

  15. torisearcey says:

    Me too Me too me too! I’ve always wanted to be a witch as well and envy those that are. The only thing holding me back is time. I would love to do research and have ordered loads of books but have never gotten the time to read them. I actually just downloaded one from Kindle to my tablet so I might actually get to read that one since it’s easier to keep with me for the extra spare seconds in my day. 😉

    This is a beautiful canvas – I really love the background! Thanks for sharing your secret with us and I hope you don’t get into too much trouble if your mom finds out!!


  16. Rene says:

    Amazing project! Thank you so much for linking up at MIM this week and good luck!
    Rene 😀

  17. Lady B says:

    Can I just copy and paste Tori’s comment? I’ve wanted to be a witch since childhood! I love your canvas! Your painted background is fabulous and I love all the elements you have added! I love your confession and I can’t wait to hear what your mom thinks of it all 🙂 Awesome work, girl!

  18. Rainmac says:

    Such interesting work, love the background colours. Thank you for joining us at Whimsy Stamps for our Anything Goes challenge, good luck x

  19. Miranda says:

    wicked witchy project, it looks gorgeous Kristy really cool

  20. Beautiful work of art! Thank you for joining My Heart Pieces challenge this week! Hope to see you again next week!

  21. Danie May says:

    Great Canvas! And I love how you have made it to represent yourself and the things you believe /and are interested in. Thanks so much for sharing and joining in the fun for our very first challenge at My Heart Pieces.
    Danie xx

  22. this is really great. A very expressive creation. My best friend is a tarrot card reader and would love this, will have to show it to her.

    Thanks so much for sharing your creation at Anything goes, Just keep on creating, I hope you will continue to play along. Sorry about the the delay in leaving my comment I have been overseas and then got sick, I will be announcing the winners and will have the next challenge up asap 🙂

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