CRUMBLE IT with Smudgy Antics!

A fortnight has passed and it is time for another challenge with Smudgy Antics.

The theme for this two week period of creativity is


Here is the definition of crumble (verb):

  1. disintegrate, collapse, break up, deteriorate, decay, fall apart, perish, degenerate, decompose, tumble down, go to pieces
  2. crush, fragment, crumb, pulverize, pound, grind, powder, granulate, go to wrack and ruin, break down

The word crumble sounds pretty destructive, doesn’t it?  We at Smudgy Antics challenge you to crumble your project in some fashion this fortnight.  If it is not evident as to how you have crumbled your project, please describe your crumbling technique in your post.  Don’t forget to use a stamped image (real or digi) in your projects.

Here is my DT project:


I have created a piece to pay homage to the Black Widow Spider Totem!

Since the theme is “Crumble it” I used a piece of brown packing paper and kept crumbling it up to  put all of the creases in it. I stapled part of the sack down and used glue dots to adhere the rest of the sack. I used my craft knife and made a slit for the tiny punched out red spiders to be crawling in and out of. The tiny red spiders are a punch I picked up at the Dollar bin at Micheal’s.

I have used digi stamp “Black Widow Spider” and “Tarantula” both from Smeared Ink. (Follow the links to get yours.)

I added a crown to her head and the Silver Glimmer paper from Stampin’ Up! I have colored my images with Copics. The grey stuff is fabric mesh.

I typed the sentiment out on my compy and printed this is what is says:

The Black Widow Spider is the High Priestess, the Dark Mother, weaving new fates for those who cross her path. Her magic and power are great, making her dangerous. She signals an awakening of our creative energies. Spiders reflect the magic of assertion, reminding us that only by asserting and expressing our creative energies are we empowered. – Ted Andrews

I got this quote from my book by Ted Andrews called “Animal Wise” (Follow the link if you would like to see it.)

Thank you for your visit, thank you for your comments! Would love to know what you think of my project! Stay crafty my friends!

Don’t forget to play the “Crumble it” challenge at Smudgy Antics, and go and see the other DT’s fabulous work on display for your viewing pleasure!





About KristyLee

Hi, my name is KristyLee, I live in sunny Florida. (Yes I do have alligators in my back yard.) I have a severe passion for all things crafty! I love to create and teach card/ craft making. I am a Founding Journey Coach #55 with a paper crafting company called "Fun Stampers Journey." I am also a distributor for "Young Living," I love using and informing others to the benefits of Essential Oils. I have just taken on a new path in my Life Journey. I have signed up to be an Independent Rep for "Agnes & Dora." I think adding fashion to my list of activities is right for me. I have always been interested in Fashion. I believe that fashion and trends coincide with my passion for crafting. I love to make other people feel good, and feel good about themselves. I served in the US Navy, and now a veteran. I have a degree in Medical coding and billing. My personality can be summed up as: funny, quirky, opinionated, creative, loving, stubborn, and loyal. My FSJ website is Check me out on Facebook here Thank you for your visit into my world, and looking at art and fashion through my eyes. May God Bless you and yours! Stay Healthy and Crafty my Friends! And always Enjoy the Journey!
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4 Responses to CRUMBLE IT with Smudgy Antics!

  1. monique says:

    this is awesome kristy love how you made the “web”

  2. Hi Kristy!
    Awesome creation as always. I keep asking my self why don’t you give some classes????
    I really miss you, lots of things have happened, but we are doing better.
    Big hug!

  3. IKE says:

    AWESOME Kristy – the more I stare into this, the more I see. It’s just a fantastic piece of work. Wonderful 😀 xxxxxx

  4. Fabulous, Kristy! although I must say spiders really creep me out. I’d hat to get caught in that web. No way out for sure! LOL xxD

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