ALTER A BOX with Smudgy Antics! Portable Shrine for Durga!

Week 2 of ALTER A BOX with Smudgy Antics

Welcome back for another fortnight challenge with Smudgy Antics!
For this challenge we want to see more than just paper and glue.
We want to see dimension and lots of it.
The Smudgy Antics team wants to see you guys and gals
This is the last week of this challenge.
You may use any type of box.  The box can be big or small, cardboard or wood, or even plastic.  The shape can be creative as well.  Do you have any leftover heart shaped boxes from Valentine’s Day?  If so, you may be a hoarder, but you will have a cool box to work with!
For my DT Alter a Box challenge project I made a mini portable Shrine for Durga.
First I am going to show you what my cigar box looked like before I altered it. There is only one Cigar Shop that I know of in my area, and they make you buy your boxes. I really like how this box looks to I went ahead and paid the man the $6.00 he wanted.
Doesn’t it already look like it could be a shrine?? I just love how it opens!
Here is the side of the box and of course both sides look the same.
Now for the Altering:
I have used “Durga” from Smeared Ink. (Follow the link to get yours.) I colored here with Copics, and Glitter Copics. The bottom panel I picked up from the web. I also used a gold pen from Jelly Roll.  The gold and silver braided trim on the edges, and the ribbon on the bottom is from “Wrights.” As you can tell the front gold object is an incense burner. That I actually added a cone incense to and burned it. Before I started to alter my box, I spray painted black.
Here is a close up view of the digi Durga!
Here is a Left inside view and a Right inside view of the Shrine. The square orange peice is Durga’s symbol. The other square piece is the Ohm.
Here is the Left and Right outside of the box. Those are bottle caps that I added images to then I added Crystal Effects to seal them. I used Digi Paper called “Oriental Lotus Paper” from Delicious Doodles for the sides, I printed it on photo paper. I retrieved the images shown here from the web.
This is what it looks like with the lid is down. Both of the symbols in the bottle caps  is the OHM. I then used my Cropadile to make holes, added jump rings so I could hang the tassels that are from Tim Holtz. I added a hand charm to the center top.
So when you are all finished, you can pack it all up and travel with it. Making it a portable mini shrine!
If you would like to find out who Durga is click here!
Well I hope you enjoyed my “Alter a Box” project.
To play Smudgy Antics’ “Alter a Box” challenge CLICK HERE!
I hope you go and check out that link because there are some wonderful boxes made by the other DTs that you just don’t want to miss seeing! You will be sad you missed it really!
Why don’t you come out and visit with us at Smeared and Smudged, there are more challenges there too!
Thank you for your visit, and thank you for your comments! Stay crafty my friends!

About KristyLee

Hi, my name is KristyLee, I live in sunny Florida. (Yes I do have alligators in my back yard.) I have a severe passion for all things crafty! I love to create and teach card/ craft making. I am a Founding Journey Coach #55 with a paper crafting company called "Fun Stampers Journey." I am also a distributor for "Young Living," I love using and informing others to the benefits of Essential Oils. I have just taken on a new path in my Life Journey. I have signed up to be an Independent Rep for "Agnes & Dora." I think adding fashion to my list of activities is right for me. I have always been interested in Fashion. I believe that fashion and trends coincide with my passion for crafting. I love to make other people feel good, and feel good about themselves. I served in the US Navy, and now a veteran. I have a degree in Medical coding and billing. My personality can be summed up as: funny, quirky, opinionated, creative, loving, stubborn, and loyal. My FSJ website is Check me out on Facebook here Thank you for your visit into my world, and looking at art and fashion through my eyes. May God Bless you and yours! Stay Healthy and Crafty my Friends! And always Enjoy the Journey!
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5 Responses to ALTER A BOX with Smudgy Antics! Portable Shrine for Durga!

  1. IKE says:

    This is totally AWESOME Kristy – it blows my mind !!! 😀 Deffo worth the $6 for the box I’d say. 🙂
    You are a marvel !!
    IKE xxxx

  2. Shelley says:

    Kristy you rock!!! what a freaking awesome box, I never would have thought of making something like that but I am so glad you did becasue it’s brilliant xxxx

  3. susan salyer says:

    This is fabulous Kristy wow what a work of art. I am so impressed with much detail went into this piece…hours of work and it is beautiful.
    susan s

  4. Lady Brayton says:

    Wow! Amazing details you’ve added! You have put a ton of work into your altered box! I love how everything can fit in the shrine for storage and portability and when open you have a perfect piece to meditate to. You have done your research and have added the perfect elements and embellishments. Your choice of images along with your coloring and symbolism all come together to make a perfect cohesive piece of art. You rock, girl!

  5. Matney says:

    You so went far and beyond on this project!! Your hard work is much appreciated here and I am still shaking my head at all the detail and thought that went into this. Amazing!!!

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